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Mooring Installation and Inspection
We provide all types of services for moorings. We can install, inspect, and winterize. We have the capability to install helix anchors, mushrooms, and blocks. We are an authorized dealer and provide all necessities such as bottom chain, balls, and pennants.
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Marine Salvage and Hardhat Diving
We offer a wide range of underwater services specializing in marine salvage, underwater welding and cutting, drain and intake cleaning, structural integrity inspections, and diver dredging.

More Services
Bridge Inspection
Seawall Construction
Debris Removal
Sub-Surface Pipe
Contamination Diving
Ship Husbandry
Closed Confinement
Certified Rigging
Piling Inspection
Piling Removal
Anode Installation
Welding and Cutting
Dock Flotation
Pump Station
Underwater Burning
Search and Recovery
Drains and Intakes
Ship Cleaning
Propeller Service
Line Removal
HD Videography
Scientific Instrument